Maasike Maasik. Tapestries

Exhibition Catalogue

Maasike Maasik. Photo: sandra Urvak

Maasike Maasik
Born in 1945 in Tallinn

1973–1977 Moscow College of Industrial Art, post-graduate studies by correspondence, textile
1963–1968 Estonian Academy of Arts, textile

2000– freelance artist, visiting lecturer of Estonian Academy of Arts
1999–2000 Akademy Nord, professor
1971–1997 Estonian Academy of Arts, department of textile art, lecturer, incl. 1986–1994 head of the chair of textile and costume
1968–1971 finishing factory of Narva Kreenholm Manufacture, artist of printed textile

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 Three. Haapsalu Town Gallery
2017 20 years of Vaba Tahe, Architecture and Design gallery, Tallinn
2017 Selection of Estonian Tapestries, Riga, Latvia
2016 Takes Space, Estonian Textile Artists' Associations annual exhibition, Tallinn and Võru
2015 100. Estonian textile art 1915–2015, Tallinn Art Hall
2015 Selection of Estonian tapestries, Toompea castle, Tallinn
2015 Bridges, Dublin, Ireland
2014 ornaMENTAL, Tallinn Art Hall, curator
2011 Estonian (Textile)Art, Satellite Project Textile 11, Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas
2009 Estonian Textile Art yesterday and today, Russian Museum of Ethnography, St.Petersburg
1999 Exhibition of the Grouping Vaba Tahe (Free Will), Helsinki, Lahti
1993 Overview Exhibition of Estonian Tapestry Art, Tallinn, Pärnu, Narva
1988 Group Exhibition of Estonian Artists of Textile and Glass , Riga
1987 Overview Exhibition of Estonian Art, Moscow
1986 Quadriennale of Applied Art, Erfurt
1985 Estonian Textile Art, St.Petersburg
1984 Estonian Painting and Gobelin Tapestry, Thbilisi
1979, 1983, 1985 Baltic Triennaales of Applied Art, Tallinn

Selected Personal Exhibitions
2019 Maasike Maasik. Tapestries. Estniska Huset, Stockholm
2015 Day Diary. Night Diary. Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn
2010 An Another Meeting Place, Exhibition Hall of Toompea Castle (with Tiina Puhkan)
2009 Meeting Place, Gallery of Castellan House (with Tiina Puhkan)
2007 Nice Weather, Gallery of Estonian National Library
2006 Home Way, Winter Garden of National Opera Theatre Estonia
2003 Tapestry Studio, Gallery of Architecture and Design (with Peeter Kuutma)
2001 Sole mio, Winter Garden of National Opera Theatre Estonia
1996 Mornings and Evenings, Gallery of Castellan House
1993 Winter Garden of National Opera Theatre Estonia
1979, 1986 Gallery of Art Hall

Works in Collections
Estonian History Museum
Presents of the President´s Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia to the presidents of Island, Israel and Chech Republic

Works in Public Buildings
2008 Main Building of the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the UNO, Rome
2006 Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Estonia
2000–2005 Academy Nord
1999 Embassy of the Republic of Estonia, Prague
1999 Embassy of the Republic of Estonia by NATO, Brussels
1995 Registry Office of Läänemaa
1992 Haapsalu Dome Church
1989 (2001) the building of Estonian Public Broadcasting

Awards and Honours
2015 Annual Prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment (Folk Culture Endowment)
2010 prize of ETAA Textile Artist of the Year 2009
2009 honorary medal of Estonian Academy of Arts
2003 prize of the Gallery Lühike Jalg Textile Masterpiece of the Year
1987 title of Honoured Artist of the Estonian SSR
1993 ETAA
1979 EAA

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Studies and reports
Maasik, Maasike. From the First Years of Homecrafts. Colloquium at the Conference Ellen Hansen – 100, ETDM, April 2010.
Maasik, Maasike. Are We Alive Enough? Colloquium at the International Conference arranged by the ETAA in the ETDM, August 2008.
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