Tekstiks ja tagasi / Turning into the text and back

On September 22, the exhibition of textile art by Kadi Pajupuu and Marilyn Piirsalu “ Turning into the text and back” will open in the Pallas gallery. The name of the display refers to the rocking back and forth. Question: Becoming what—”text”—but where does it come from, where can it go back? From illusion to text, imagination to story, flesh to words.

In art, the ineffable can become visible when a revelation, condition or compulsion finds an appropriate form. Meaning is not necessarily a slave to the word.
The basis of communication is movement, in the works of Kadi Pajupuu and Marilyn Piirsalu, these movements can be seen from beginning to end, because in textiles the logic of succession, the order of keeping things together is so simple and binary: one way is the warp, the other is the weft.

The meaning can be before the work, as in the case of Marilyn Piirsalu’s characters: surely one has already swum in this sea, drunk that cup of coffee, wrapped the blanket around her and looked over her shoulder before these moments were woven into the tapestries. The tool allows the weaver to make vertical waves on the surface of the fabric, the dynamics of the pattern depends on the author’s choices during work. Waves are readiness for change.

But a textile can be made simply out of the compulsion to do it, the idea can be caught into the finished work, when the author can no longer change anything (if he remains honest to the work). Kadi Pajupuu’s works in this exhibition have been created out of trust or arrogance—well, it will come, that meaning!—and out of curiosity—but if I do it this way? The works are made of copper, paper and wood.

Exhibition design: Madis Liplap